Risk of overfilling on propane

19 July 2018
I continue arguing for refillable propane tanks for motorhomes but I came across an article from Canada where the dangers of this solution w
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Propane leak burns RV

12 February 2018
The photograph from the Central Fire Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana shows the destruction of a motorhome an  antique car, fo
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Engine fire destroys motorhome near Flagstaff

26 November 2015
A motorhome was destroyed by fire on 18 November 2015 near the Cinder Lake off-highwayvehicle area to the north west of Flagstaff, Ariz
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Winnebago burnt out in Monterrey

18 November 2015
The photograph shows the burnt out wreck of a Winnebago which although unattended burnt out in Seaside, California (about 100km south of San
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Treating gas with respect

27 May 2015
Hardly a week goes by without the story on this newsletter of a motorhome fire.  Whereas in some cases the cause is unclear, gas is usu
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Cigarette causes motorhome fire

15 May 2015
A propane leak and a build up of gas caused injuries serious enough to cause hospitalisation for two people in Lebanon, Oregon according to
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Measuring gas in metal canisters

10 February 2015
Control of the level of gas is somewhat difficult, many of us use a system where we calculate how long since the last refill and in any case
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