Rzeszów, Poland

11 July 2016
The first record of Rzeszów goes back to 1354, when the medieval city Resovia was granted civic rights. Today it has a population over 160,0
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Wisła, Poland

05 July 2016
Wisła is a town of 12,000 people located in the Silesian Beskids mountains close to the border with the Czech Republic. In Polish the n
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Leszna Górna, Poland

04 July 2016
Leszna Górna is located on the Polish - Czech border in the foothills of the Silesian Beskids range.  The village offers an eighteenth
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Český Těšín, Czech Republic

04 July 2016
Český Těšín is on the west bank of the Olza river, a border town that was until 1918 part of the Austrian town of Tesche
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Ustron, Poland

02 July 2016
Ustroń is a health resort town in Cieszyn Silesia in southern Poland in the Silesian Beskids mountain ran
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Dzięgielów, Poland

29 June 2016
Dzięgielów is close to Cieszyn in southern Poland and whilst parked there, I took my bicycle to Dzięgielów, a village of 1,300 in the f
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The legend of the three brothers fountain in Cieszyn, Poland

21 June 2016
According to legend, in the year 810CE, Bolko, Leszko and Cieszko, the three sons of a king, arrived in Cieszyn and found this spring. They
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Banning filling of LPG tanks

04 March 2016
I have argued for a long time that it makes far more sense for motorhomers to buy refillable LPG tanks for two very good reasons.  The
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Polish-Czech Friendship Trail

15 February 2016
The Polish--Czech Friendship Trail (Czech: Cesta česko-polského přátelství, Polish: Droga Przyjaźni Polsko-Czeskiej) is a public walking pat
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Czech Polish border at Malá Úpa - Przęłęcz Okraj

11 December 2015
This film shows the Czech - Polish border atMalá Úpa - Przęłęcz Okraj. This is a mountain pass at around 1,046 metres altitude at the easter
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