All Saints' Day in Poland

01 November 2017
Many people consider All Saints Day to be their favourite national holiday in Poland. offering as it does the link between autumn and winter
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Baranów Sandomierski

Greetings from Baranów Sandomierski!

28 October 2017
This week Motorhome Full Time is coming to you from Baranów Sandomierski in south eastern Poland.  The village has recently spent aroun
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Caravan Camper Show, Nadarzyn, Warsaw

At Caravan Camper Show

23 October 2017
This weekend I am at the Caravan Camper Show in Nadarzyn near Warsaw, Poland where alongside the motorhome exhibition there is also a destin
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Motorhome and V2 rocket

Welcome from Blizna, Poland

14 October 2017
Following my interest in military history, this week Motorhome Full Time is coming to you from Blizna, a tiny village in south eastern Polan
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Festival of light in Łódź, Poland

30 September 2017
The festival of light started in Łódź in 2012 and by year five it is opening up streets, squares and parks to all sorts of colours, at the s
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Ocieka, Poland

Welcome from Ocieka, a village in southern Poland

27 September 2017
Ocieka is a tiny village in southern Poland, well and truly off the tourist trail and I only found myself here due to my interest in history
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A night in Zgorzelec on the Polish - German border

23 September 2017
It may now have been one month ago but a motorhome journey is always exciting to look back on - particularly when going somewhere where ther
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Camper event in Warsaw

23 September 2017
The third edition of the Camper and Caravan Show in Warsaw, Poland, will be held from 20 - 22 October 2017.  Those visitors wanting to
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Czantoria, Poland

On the Czantoria Mountain on the Polish - Czech border

25 July 2017
This week fnds me on the border between Poland and Czechia close to the Czantoria Wielka mountain which reaches a height of 995 meters. It i
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Visiting Ustron, a health spa in southern Poland

17 July 2017
This week I am in Ustroń, a health resort town in Cieszyn Silesia in southern Poland in the Silesian Beskids&n
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