Production in full swing of e-Crafter

23 July 2020
Full production of the e‑Crafter has now begun at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in Września in Poland. After nearly two years of
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At the Camper Caravan Show

22 October 2018
The Camper Caravan Show was held from 19 - 21 October 2018 at Nadarzyn close to Warsaw at the same time as a major tourist fair so visitors
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Greetings from Zgorzelec

14 October 2018
Zgorzelec in Polish, Goerlitz in German is a town split between the two countries divided by the river Nysa (Neisse) although there are no s
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Bolków, Poland

20 May 2018
Bolków is a town of 5,500 people on the Nysa Szalona River which is dominated by its thirteenth century castle ruin.  The cas
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Zgorzelec - Goerlitz on the Polish - German border

23 December 2017
A walk around the joint Polish - German town of Zgorzelec - Goerlitz.  The latter is the easternmost town in Germany whilst Zgorzelec i
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In Lublin, Poland

26 November 2017
This week the Motorhome Full Time newsletter is coming to you from Lublin in eastern Poland which is also the reason it is one day late.&nbs
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Opatów, Poland

Visiting Opatów

17 November 2017
This week this newsletter is coming to you from Opatów, a town of some 8,000 people in south - central Poland. Tourist attractions
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Camping Przystań Podwierzbie, Nowy Sącz, Poland

11 November 2017
Campsite open all the year round on the Dunajec river and three kilometres from the town of Nowy Sącz offering campers EHU, full chemical du
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Zwierzyniec Eurostruś w Borzychach, Poland

03 November 2017
A highly unusual place to stay, an ostrich farm with all sorts of other domestic birds as well.  The campsite allows contact with all t
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Greetings from Klimontow, Poland

02 November 2017
This week Motorhome Full Time is being published from Klimontów, a village in the Świętokrzyskie region of south-east Po
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