Aberystwyth seeks to extend parking ban

27 July 2016
The motorhome parking situation along Aberystwyth promenade may now deteriorate as the local council is seeking to extend an exper
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Motorhomes not welcome in Lincolnshire

30 April 2016
Lincolnshire Council is doing its best to make tourists feel unwelcoming by hiring Boston based Lincolnshire Security Ltd to make sure
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No respect for the law from the Lord Mayor of London

27 February 2016
Here we have the car of the Lord Mayor of London illegally parked on a double yellow line whilst someone nips into Waitrose to go shopping.
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Nine out of ten campers dumping their toilet waste claims Councillor

11 February 2016
A councillor in Burnham on Sea, south of Weston Super Mare in the UK criticised the behaviour of some motorhome tourists at the town co
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Skipton to introduce parking charges for motorhomes

16 January 2016
Motorhomes and HGVs have been getting away with free parking whilst cars had to pay in Skipton in North Yorkshire but now the Council is goi
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Motorhome owners sue residents association for refusing parking

16 January 2016
The parents of a 33 year old woman who has Down syndrome, autism and an IQ of 36 are suing the managing agents of the housing complex w
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What is parking and what is camping?

08 December 2015
Spanish law does not permit street camping.  However this leads to a problem of what is camping and what is parking.  And do you t
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No parking on your property in Plainview

18 November 2015
Plainview is a town in Texas, which uses as a slogan 'explore the possibilities'.  One of those possibilities is to make sure that Plai
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UK motorway parking

18 October 2015
I have now forgotten how much it was to park at this motorway service area in Kent for more than two hours but I remember that it was more t
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Worcester slammed for lack of motorhome parking

20 May 2015
Mark Stephens from Kidderminster is a regular visitor to Worcester on most Mondays.  He travels in his motorhome but he says that he is
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