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Hobby updates Siesta for 2016

08 February 2016
In the 2016 season, the Siesta series is reserved exclusively for alcoves with a choice between the A55 GS, A65 GM and A70 GM, three version
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Hobby Siesta over cab

Hobby Siesta 2015

08 January 2015
This is the Hobby Siesta over cab version.  There are eleven models of the Hobby Siesta and they are directed at families with children
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Old fart and his tart finding it increasingly difficult to sleep in over cab

03 December 2014
A couple aged 71 and 67 are finding it increasingly difficult to sleep in an over cab motorhome, however they agree that the nomadic lifesty
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Concorde Cruiser on MAN chassis

Concorde Cruiser - a top end vehicle with a cab over

06 October 2014
Concorde's Cruiser is one of very few alcove motorhomes in the luxury class. The Cruiser has two chassis options MAN TGL and Mercedes-Benz A
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