Train smashes motorhome

28 February 2018
The results of a train smashing through a motorhome on the tracks in Oregon.  Rural Metro Fire was dispatched to a train vs vehicle at
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Man killed in head on crash with RV

27 May 2017
From the photograph it does not look too serious, but it was sufficiently serious to cause the death of the 80 year old driver of the car, a
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Jail for causing crash

29 March 2017
Logan Kitzhaber, 19, the son of former Oregon governor John Kitzhaber, was sentenced to seven days in jail and five years probation for caus
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Cannabis friendly RV park planned in Oregon

05 February 2017
A very new idea for the motorhome experience is to be launched by Grow Condos, a publicly traded company which says that it is dedicate
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Oregon governor's son smashes into motorhome

16 July 2016
The son of former Oregon governor, John Kitzhaber, appears to have caused this accident on 4 July 2016 when he veered off the central part o
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Stolen motorhome turns up in Oregon

03 July 2016
A motorhome that was stolen in Helena, Montana several weeks ago has been found in Klamath Falls, Oregon by the local police. The mo
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Motorhome rolls over in Montana

22 June 2016
Four people in their eighties were taken to hospital after their Discovery motorhome they were travelling in came off the road and rolled ov
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Motorhome fire extinquished in Oregon

15 June 2016
An Oregon Fire Department managed to extinguished a fire in an unoccupied motorhome on 10 June 2016 in around 15 minutes after arriving on t
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Driver who hit house in critical condition

15 June 2016
The driver of a motorhome which crashed into a house in Tillamook, Oregon is in critical condition in hospital.  One person in the hous
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Motorhome crashes into house in Oregon

09 June 2016
A motorhome crashed into this family home in Tillamook, Oregon on 7 June 2016.  The building belongs to the Durrer family, near U.
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