Niesmann + Bischoff sees fresh potential

23 January 2019
The year has just gotten started and three new “Made in Polch” models have already done an excellent job at demonstrating what they have to
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Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 920 new models for 2019

14 July 2018
Niesmann+Bischoff has unveiled a brand new layout – the Flair 920 EK.  The two-square-metre kitchen of the Flair 920 EK features an enl
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NIesmann+Bischoff extend customisation

14 July 2018
There can be no doubt about it: the higher the quality of the materials, the higher the quality of both the workmanship and the final produc
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Niesmann+Bischoff tp equip vans with airbags

06 April 2018
Anyone buying a new car these days can be sure it is equipped with airbags. But those in the market for a luxury motorhome should take a clo
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Awards for Niesmann+Bischoff

23 June 2017
Since 2013, the motorhome series Arto, Flair and Smove has collected more than 40 awards.  “Arto, Flair and Smove are model genera
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Motorhome manufacturer to sponsor ice hockey tournament

22 April 2017
Niesmann+Bischoff is to be the Official Partner of the 2017 IICHF Ice Hockey World Championships which are to be held in Cologne and Paris f
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Plus X Awards for Flair

14 February 2017
The international jury of the Plus X Award 2017 made up of experts from 25 branches has presented four awards to the latest generation o Fla
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Smove will be in Stuttgart

05 December 2016
Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH will be on display with ten models from three construction series from 14th to 22nd January 2017 at the CMT
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Motorhome wins German Design Award

28 October 2016
“Those who prevail against such a high standard of competition have successfully proven themselves to rank among the best”. With these accom
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Niesmann+Bischoff boss upbeat on the Smove

06 September 2016
Niesmann+Bischoff has just brought out the Smove and it will become available to the public in March 2017.  Certainly the vehicle looks
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