New Zealand

Opposition to RV dump station sees funding taken away

02 November 2018
Motueka Council in New Zealand decided that it did not want having a dump station for freedom campers near its aerodrome nor estuary and now
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Camper trip of a lifetime around New Zealand

27 October 2018
I fell in love with New Zealand watching it on the big screen. For years I held the epic scenery from The Lord of the Rings in my mind: the
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Mosgiel becomes motorhome friendly

15 July 2018
Dunedin is welcoming self-contained motorhome visitors with open arms, as Mosgiel becomes the latest addition to the national Motorhome Frie
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RV lifestyle booming in New Zealand

14 April 2018
Record sales at last month’s Covi SuperShow, the largest motorhome and caravan expo in New Zealand, is a clear indication the RV lifestyle i
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Rental e-campers may be soon available

22 March 2018
According to the New Zealand Herald, Tourism Holdings, the country's biggest motorhome rental company with 1,800 vehicles in its fleet, is a
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Old Fartism not to be feared

17 March 2018
The other night as I sipped a mug of hot chocolate while engrossed in a documentary about what apparently makes Canada such an interesting p
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New Zealand RVers fighting against negative image!

17 March 2018
Amidst the hype surrounding the 'modern craze' known as freedom camping, people have forgotten that once upon a time, before it got given a
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Freedom camping in Taupo still possible

28 February 2018
Taupō District in New Zealand issue a new Freedom Camping Bylaw on 1 December 2017 which has seen a large number of fines of NZD200 but at t
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Fines for freedom campers

12 February 2018
More than 150 fines have been issued to people breaching freedom camping rules in the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty areas over the fest
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Sentenced for failing to convert campers

24 January 2018
The former sole director of a New South Wales-based motorhome converter business has been sentenced to 15 months’ home detention after a cou
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