Czantoria / Čantoryje Poland / Czech Republic

05 July 2016
The Czantoria Wielka mountain straddles the border of Poland and the Czech Republic reaching a height of 995 meters. It is the highest mount
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Poprad, Slovakia

06 April 2015
Poprad is a city in northern Slovakia at the foot of the High Tatra Mountains famous for its picturesque historic centre and as a holiday re
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Itri, Italy

06 January 2015
Had it not been for the coast road between Sperlonga and Gaeta being closed, we would not have been to Itri.  The mountainous route abo
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Crossing the Appenines

23 December 2014
One can cross the Appenines between Bologna and Florence using the motorway.  It is only two lane and a new motorway is under construct
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Cows in nappies!

16 October 2014
It is great to be able to park somewhere in the Alps and enjoy wonderful mountain scenery. Now, thanks to an EU directive, we can not only e
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Erzegebirge, Germany

29 September 2014
Erzegebirge is a region of Germany located to the south of Chemnitz in the hills towards the Czech border. Even today, visitors to the Er
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