Mercedes Sprinter

25 years since the Mondial came out

10 April 2020
In 1995 Carthago introduced the Mondial, the first vehicle the company built based on the Mercedes platform.  Today the company us
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Hymer MLT620

05 March 2017
The Hymer 620 and 630 at 779 cm are the longest vehicles in the Hymer MLT range, the two vehicles differ in bed layout - the 620 has two sin
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Hymer MLT580

03 March 2017
Based on the Mercedes Sprinter, the MLT580 is a two person room with a great deal of room.  Just under seven metres long and 222cm wide
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Roadtrek Adventurous

Roadtrek RS Adventurous

26 November 2015
The RS Adventurous by Roadtrek is built on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis and offers a four metre retractable awning and a large po
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Lunar extends its Landstar range

23 October 2014
The British Lunar has expanded its motorhome range offering a greater choice in layouts and also level of luxury specification. The Landstar
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Electric awning now available for more vehicles

31 August 2014
The legless Dometic Premium Awning are available not only for the owners of Fiat Ducato based campers. The manufacturers claim that the awni
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