Amalfi coast in winter

19 January 2016
The Amalfi coast offers some fantastic geological features but from the point of view of the motorhome traveller it is a complete waste of t
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Mount Etna from my motorhome

04 December 2015
When one lives in a camper van, one can choose some wonderful places to stay the night and watch the sun go down such as here overlooking Mo
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Olive oil could be a treatment for cancer

08 June 2015
Studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey and Hunter College in New York have suggested that oleocanthal, a compound in extra-virgin olive
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Allergy season has arrived

24 March 2015
We are now coming to the part of the year where in the northern hemisphere many people have a problem with allergies.  Indeed, dependin
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Camping Capo Mimosa

06 March 2015
via Aurelia 1, 18010 Cervo, Italy +39 183 408155
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