LPG generators that work at high altitudes

17 March 2019
Teleco-Telair has three LPG-fuelled 12-Volt generators (TG 480 - TG 480 MEF - TG 600 MEF) with rated current of 20 A/h for the 480 models an
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Risk of overfilling on propane

19 July 2018
I continue arguing for refillable propane tanks for motorhomes but I came across an article from Canada where the dangers of this solution w
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Retrofitting diesel to LPG plan being considered

30 June 2017
Retrofitting black cabs to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is being considered as a key solution for confronting the UK’s air quality c
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Refilling gas is better than back problems!

08 July 2016
The average age of the motorhomer is over sixty and at that age we do not want to be lugging heavy gas bottles around and then trying to man
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Banning filling of LPG tanks

04 March 2016
I have argued for a long time that it makes far more sense for motorhomers to buy refillable LPG tanks for two very good reasons.  The
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Faulty LPG tank causes blaze

11 February 2016
A 51 year old man and his son were lucky to escape from a 1987 Ford Transit motorhome in Victoria before it burst into flames than
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Tips for first time motorhome drivers

18 March 2015
If you are about to use a motorhome for the first time, some of the things you might want to consider for your journey include turning off t
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