Los Angeles

Person dead in burning RV

05 January 2018
Horrific film of a burning RV in Los Angeles in which one person was found dead.  Neither the cause of the fire, nor if the fire was th
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Can't afford a flat? Rent an RV

29 November 2017
Rob looked around for something workable, a few dozen RV’s sat in the police impound lot, packed in so tight he had to slide sideways b
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Motorhome crashes into home in Los Angeles

16 August 2016
The driver of a motorhome was killed on 11 August 2016 when he crashed the vehicle he was driving into a house in Los Angeles. Investigat
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Couple in their eighties killed in crash

16 July 2016
A couple fin their eighties from West Hills, California (photo) were killed when their 2010 Fleetwood motorhome towing a Jeep crashed in Can
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