Liner Plus

Concorde Liner Plus 890L

07 April 2018
Weighing more than 7.5 metric tons and measuring 9.1 meters in length and 2.45 meters in width – the majestic appearance of the Liner Plus i
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Concorde Liner Plus

21 December 2014
Concorde has produced nine new 2015 models for its Liner Plus.  In the new models, the front face was redesigned with series standard f
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Concorde Charisma

Concorde celebrates 25 years with Iveco

06 October 2014
Concorde has been equipping its motorhomes with a chassis from Iveco since 1989 and because of this 25th anniversary it is offering discount
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Concorde Liner Plus 940M

04 September 2014
Ralph from motorhome manufacturers Concorde explains why his favourite vehicle is their eleven metre top of the range model - the Liner Plus
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