Lake Constance

Greetings from Lake Constance

16 March 2017
This week finds me still in Lindau at the eastern end of Lake Constance close to the point where the borders of Switzerland, Austria and Ger
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Greetings from Lindau, Germany

11 March 2017
This week sees me in Lindau in southern Germany on the shores of Lake Constance - about the furthest south that one can go in this country.
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Konstanz, Germany

09 February 2016
Konstanz is situated on the northern bank of Lake Constance (the Bodensee in German) and this location means that there is much to
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Park-camping Lindau, Germany

30 March 2015
Park-camping Lindau at the lake is situated in a unique landscape: In front of the scenery of the Swiss alps right next to the shore of the
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German Austrian border on the Leiblach river

14 February 2015
This film shows what a modern European border looks like : it is completely open and the only things that show it was once a border are diff
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Gitzenweiler Hof, Lindau, Lake Constance, Germany

01 February 2015
This campsite is located in the countryside around 7km from the centre of Lindau in a very pleasant countryside setting with a great deal
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German - Austrian border at Lindau - Bregenz

20 December 2014
The Austrian - German border near Lindau-Bregenz.  When travelling towards Switzerland, you can avoid the Austrian motorway charge by c
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