4G phone booster introduced

11 September 2019
These days, one of the uppermost thoughts on camper-caravan travellers' minds is getting a good 4G or LTE signal so they can enjoy problem-f
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Study shows the potential of connectivity

07 September 2017
The future of motorhoming is connected. Whether access to a campsite database, route information whilst travelling 
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Portugal putting in wifi in historical centres

16 November 2016
In another effort to promote tourism for all, VisitPortugal is investing EUR1m on Wi-Fi in historical centres, in order to provide free acce
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3 offering international roaming in 42 countries

19 September 2016
British customers of the Three network now have access to roaming, including data roaming, in 42 countries with the addition of 24 new
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My office is my camper van!

03 December 2015
People ask me about work - how do I manage to live in a camper van and run a business from it. I know a number of people on the internet who
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