No camping in the cemetery in Iceland!

13 November 2017
Some foreign travellers seem to be under the impression that Icelandic church grounds are campsites, causing disturbance for the churches an
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Travellers choose to visit the most peaceful places

04 November 2016
We all know that global issues directly affect travel decisions. To further solidify this belief, the latest report from Travel Leaders Grou
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Motorhome village in Iceland

19 October 2016
A village of motorhomes has appeared in the the Strandir region of northern Iceland, which now boasts around 200 vehicles.  It is not,
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No night in Iceland in summer!

25 September 2016
A group of friends from the Mediterranean island Malta spent ten days travelling around Iceland in a motorhome and made a great video travel
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Iceland: a seven day road trip along its coastal highway

03 August 2016
With black-sand beaches, thundering waterfalls and ancient ice caps, Iceland is spectacular by nature yet modest in size (it’s approximately
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Reykjavik Campsite

13 January 2015
Sundlaugarvegur 32 Reykjavík, Iceland +354 568 6944
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Off road in Iceland

17 October 2014
A couple who parked near me In Italy in a BiMobil told me of their adventures in Iceland and how they took their vehicle there.  They t
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