Hobby building new warehouse

01 October 2018
RV producer Hobby builds an additional production hall and warehouse at its Rendsburg site. This will allow the company to simplify in-
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Hobby claims successful start to season

06 September 2018
RV manufacturer Hobby ckaims that it has got the 2019 caravanning season off to a successful start. The Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, the wor
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Hobby invests EUR6m in warehousing capacity

01 March 2018
Around the clock, the powerful yet energy-saving LED lights on the high ceiling bathe the warehouse in bright light. Light for the three-shi
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Hobby tests heating in winter in northern Sweden

16 February 2018
Jokkmokk, northern Sweden: January and February are the coldest months of the year here. At this time of year, it’s not unusual for the temp
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Hobby sees major sales improvement at CMT

02 February 2018
Caravanning is in, and Hobby as a brand is more popular than ever before. This became particularly evident at the first major spring exhibit
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Hobby T65GQ

25 January 2018
Hobby has just launched its T65 GQ model which it believes will be a tremendous success because of what it considers to be the extraordinary
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Hobby at Stuttgart

29 November 2017
“It’s been great and it’ll be even greater” - the slogan for Hobby’s 50th anniversary perfectly fits the trade fair presence of the brand at
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Hobby in the UK and Ireland

01 November 2017
Hobby is reorienting its activities in the important European sales markets of the UK and Ireland. In future, the motorhomes and caravans fr
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Hobby upgrades Optima

14 August 2017
Hobby has introduced more equipment to its vans which they say is ready-for-the-road!  This includes heated electric wing mirrors, crui
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Hobby Optima Premium 50th anniversary special edition

09 July 2017
The two anniversary models of the Optima Premium series, the types V65 GE and T70 F come in the distinctive 50-year anniversary design and h
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