Alde hot water heater 3020HE

08 July 2017
The ALDE hot water heater 3020HE has a total capacity of 8500 watts. 5500 watts are generated with gas and 3000 from the 230 V supply. Gas a
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Petrol heater - a risk worth taking?

14 February 2017
This petrol fuelled heater was on display at the CMT trade fair in Stuttgart in January 2017. The heat seemed quite strong and it burns petr
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Advantages of a combi heater

16 July 2016
A combi heater in the van has the benefit of heating the vehicle at the same time as producing hot water. For the Truma Combi, the hea
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Electric heaters for campers!

05 August 2015
Outwell has introduced heaters which can be used not only under the awning but also outside. The two 230V heaters provide instant warmt
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Air con and heater can be remotely controlled

23 June 2015
Truma has introduced a system called the iNet which enables the combi heater and Truma air conditioning systems to be remotely controlled fr
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Cigarette causes motorhome fire

15 May 2015
A propane leak and a build up of gas caused injuries serious enough to cause hospitalisation for two people in Lebanon, Oregon according to
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Temperature can be precisely set

23 December 2014
The digital control panel of the Truma combi heater and air conditioning now allows for precise temperature setting.  This device is no
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One remote may fit all

08 October 2014
The Truma control panel CP plus allows the Combi heater and the Truma air conditioning systems to be controlled from one display. Users can
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