Unhealthy 'health' foods no.1 Oshee

16 July 2017
Oshee is an international brand which markets itself at people who lead an active life style.  Whereas here we can see that it suggests
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Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Milk stops

01 March 2017
When on the road, I always attempt to buy what I can from local producers.  In the photographs we can see purchases of milk being made
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Nestlé has not made Kit Kat healthier

01 December 2016
I noticed a tweet going around claiming that Kit Kat had got slightly healthier.  Curious about this I decided to investigate further a
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Fruit and vegetables : a plus of van life!

12 August 2016
Travelling in my van, I attempt to eat fresh food and buy it every day. My diet is based on fruit, vegetables, beans and bulgur wheat. In It
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Simple tests to measure fitness and mortality risk

12 March 2016
There are some very simple ways of testing how fit you are.  Whereas this works for people of all ages, it will be particularly useful
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Eating to combat inflamation

13 July 2015
Inflammation in the body is caused by various factors, most notably living.  As we get older all sorts of things go wrong and there is
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Slaving over a hot motorhome stove!

06 April 2015
One of the joys of motorhome life must be the ability to pick up fresh produce as you travel and then cook it.  However attitudes to co
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Allergy season has arrived

24 March 2015
We are now coming to the part of the year where in the northern hemisphere many people have a problem with allergies.  Indeed, dependin
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