St Leonards residents don't want RVs parked on the seafront

28 October 2018
According to an article in the Hastings Observer, locals in St Leonards in East Sussex, UK, do not seem to be pleased with with people livin
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Touring the Cinque Ports - the maritime history of Kent and Sussex

12 November 2016
Tour the Cinque Ports and unlock nearly 1,000 years of exploits on the frontline of England’s history. It’s a journey that takes you right b
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Sussex by motorhome

16 September 2016
Sussex shapes up well for history lovers being the home to some of the oldest evidence of humans in the UK, and in 1066 there was a bat
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Motorhome fire in Hastings, NZ, contained

28 May 2016
There is a danger of fires which start in motorhomes doing much more than destroying the vehicle as we have often seen in stories published
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