Greetings from Zgorzelec

14 October 2018
Zgorzelec in Polish, Goerlitz in German is a town split between the two countries divided by the river Nysa (Neisse) although there are no s
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Greetings from Schlüsselfeld

04 October 2018
This week finds me in Schlüsselfeld in northern Bavaria, the location of the Morelo factory, one of the leading producers of luxury motorhom
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Schotten, Germany

10 September 2018
Schotten calls itself the town on the green volcano in view of the fact that it is in the centre of a basalt field from volcanoes which were
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Taufstein, Vogelsberg, Germany

06 September 2018
At 773 metres above sea level, the Taufstein is the highest point of the Hoher Vogelsberg Nature Park, an area formed by ancient volcanoes w
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Vogelsberg, Germany

06 September 2018
It may not look like it but this is a volcanic field.  This is Vogelsberg, located in the German state of Hesse, an upland region
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Walldürn, Germany

26 July 2018
Walldürn, a town with a historic centre made of attractive late medieval buildings has a population of around 11,500.  It  is
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Concorde Credo

17 July 2018
Credo is the Concorde model series for first-time buyers and helps motorhome aficionados become acquainted with all the advantages of the la
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Tour around Campingpark Kirchzell

13 July 2018
Campingpark Kirchzell was originally opened in the 1960s although it was a bit tired by the time Barbel and Norbert bought it in July 2017.&
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Abenteuer & Allrad camping

Campsite at world's largest off road exhibition

23 June 2018
The Abenteuer & Allrad off road event was held from 31 May - 3 June at Bad Kissingen in Germany.  Whereas the event itself was real
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Baunach, Germany

22 June 2018
Baunach is a town in the Upper Franconian district of Bamberg. Baunach calls itself the “Franconian Three-River Tow
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