Eagle's Nest, Berchtesgaden, Germany

24 July 2017
Perched on a ridge atop the Kehlstein, a 1,834 m subpeak of the Hoher Göll overlooking Berchtesgaden, the Eagle's Nest (Kehls
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From Düsseldorf to Beijing : 16,137km

21 July 2017
Dragon dances, drumrolls, fanfares, popping champagne corks and smiling faces – at the end of the journey half way around the world, travell
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Top 100 award for Truma

01 July 2017
Truma, manufacturers of various pieces of motorhome and camping equipment have received the Top 100 award given to innovation leaders among
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Fidelis, Wangen

A 500 year old restaurant in Germany!

22 June 2017
Fidelis is a family owned restaurant in Wangen im Allgäu, Germany, which has historical records going back to 1505 - and the business may be
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Oberjoch, Germany

03 June 2017
Oberjoch's claim to fame is that it is one of the highest tourist resorts in Germany with a number of ski lifts and pistes - and plenty of p
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Morelo holds open day

03 June 2017
Morelo held an open day in May 2017 at its production unit in Schlüsselfeld, Germany which attracted 31 different brands of motorhome.
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Oberjoch Pass, Germany

27 May 2017
The Oberjoch Pass is an 1178 m high mountain pass in Germany, which lies in the southern part of Bavaria only about 800 m west of the border
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Fasnet carnival

24 May 2017
Fasnet is the carnval which is celebrated in parts of southern Germany, Switzerland and Vorarlberg in western Austria. It has various n
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Wangen im Allgäu Stellplatz, Germany

23 May 2017
The Stellplatz is located close to the river Argen, around five minutes walk from the picturesque old town of Wangen although only self cont
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Europe's biggest camper fair in August

09 May 2017
At this year’s Caravan Salon to be held in Dusseldorf from Saturday, 26 August to Sunday, 3 September 2017, the international caravanning se
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