Gas cylinder recall largely unsuccesful

18 February 2015
In September 2014 British Calor Gas requested a recall of all 6kg Calor Lite® cylinders manufactured between 2008 and 2011.  In the int
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Measuring gas in metal canisters

10 February 2015
Control of the level of gas is somewhat difficult, many of us use a system where we calculate how long since the last refill and in any case
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Upgraded oven is more efficient than predecessor

26 December 2014
Oven, grill and hob come together in Thetford’s newest appliance renovation: the Aspire MK2. The Aspire MK2 is more efficient than its prede
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Outer plug protection range developed

27 November 2014
German system developer FAWO has developed its ABL-Sursum 13 range with various devices campers need on the outside of their vehicles. 
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One remote may fit all

08 October 2014
The Truma control panel CP plus allows the Combi heater and the Truma air conditioning systems to be controlled from one display. Users can
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