Fined for doing gas work on motorhome

22 February 2017
In a judgment released on 17 February 2017, a Tauranga, New Zealand man was convicted and fined NZD5000 for doing gasfitting work without a
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Van explodes following fridge work

22 February 2017
Motorhomers are warned to be very careful about doing their own work on gas lines! Basil Lloydd​ from Taupo in New Zealand was doing some wo
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Truma warns of leakage risk

11 February 2017
During the course of its quality assurance Truma has established that there may be leaks in the Truma gas outdoor socket and two gas removal
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fresh food and motorhomes

Fresh food, sustainability, fridges and motorhomes!

09 September 2016
A very large part of the fun of travelling by motorhome is the ability to eat local produce, in my case usually bought by the side of the ro
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Gas problems in used vehicles

16 August 2016
The new trend of opting out of high priced coastal properties and turning to the motorhome and campervan as a new holiday preference has pro
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Refilling gas is better than back problems!

08 July 2016
The average age of the motorhomer is over sixty and at that age we do not want to be lugging heavy gas bottles around and then trying to man
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Dometic to defend charges of defective fridges

25 April 2016
On 21 April 2016, a class action complaint was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against Dom
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Gas cylinder explosion puts victims in hospital

09 March 2016
Two ladies from Switzerland are in hospital after a gas cylinder exploded in their motorhome while they cooked fish. &nb
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Banning filling of LPG tanks

04 March 2016
I have argued for a long time that it makes far more sense for motorhomers to buy refillable LPG tanks for two very good reasons.  The
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Gas attacks are not a myth

12 August 2015
Two years ago I wrote an article on the use of gas by criminals to steal property from motorhomes and houses.  Basing it on information
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