High anti oxidant van meal for intermittent fasting

27 April 2018
Here is something I eat a lot of as it fills me up, is extremely healthy and keeps me going to the next feeding time 22 hours or so later. G
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Breakfast in the van

05 March 2017
I eat rather unusual things as I believe in functional nutrition.  In this case we have lentils with coconut and flax seeds.  Othe
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A gastronomic tour through Emilia Romagna!

04 November 2016
Boasting 41 DOP and DOC products, Emilia Romagna offers a veritable gastronomic journey through cheese, meat, pasta, wine and much more. Gue
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Eating to combat inflamation

13 July 2015
Inflammation in the body is caused by various factors, most notably living.  As we get older all sorts of things go wrong and there is
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Allergy season has arrived

24 March 2015
We are now coming to the part of the year where in the northern hemisphere many people have a problem with allergies.  Indeed, dependin
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Instant soup in your van?

16 March 2015
Instant soup is a big hit for campers!  A small sachet and boiling water and you have got yourself what may appear to be a drink which
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