Motorhome rebuild - day four

10 September 2017
Day four of the motorhome rebuild is devoted to the garage, preparing aluminium profiles and the new floor.  The upper part of the gara
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motorhome heating panels from Heat Decor

Bed insulation

18 August 2017
Attempting to avoid the black mould problem that happened in the past, under the bed board there is polystyrene insulating foam, a light boa
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Repairing water ingress damage

12 August 2017
This website and newsletter is being prepared in breaks between the major overhaul and complete rebuild of my motorhome and in this video we
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Bigger cars in the garage!

23 September 2014
The size of cars going into the garage of motorhomes seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Being practicle, my attitude is that this means
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