Lightweight materials for van conversion

26 September 2019
In times of efficient use of resources and sustainability, lightweight construction solutions are the number one concern for the future in a
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Lightweight furniture construction material

28 October 2017
In RV construction weight is a major consideration. The German company Renolit uses laminates with polypropelyne and wood plastic compounds
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Half of furniture recalls from outdoor products

14 August 2017
During the last five years, 49% of furniture recalls in Europe have been for outdoor products. Suppliers need to stay informed on modificati
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Primero Comfort table leg

09 October 2014
In collaboration with the hardware manufacturer, Kesseböhmer, FAWO GmbH has developed the single-column lifting platform, Primero, in seven
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Materials for RV furniture and fittings

28 September 2014
Motorhomes require special products for furniture and fittings that are lightweight.  Any wood from a hardware store will not do! 
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