Cervia, Italy

07 August 2016
Cervia is a seaside town of some 30,000 people in Emilia-Romagna in Italy, best known for its salt which has been locally pro
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Vendicari nature reserve, Sicily

04 December 2015
The Vendicari nature reserve is located in south eastern Sicily and as such is the most southerly area of salt marshes in Europe.  It i
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Choosing a national bird for Britain

25 March 2015
Lots of countries have national birds, usually it is the eagle such as in the US, Germany, Poland, Italy, Egypt, Indonesia or Russia, in the
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Orbetello, Italy

27 December 2014
Orbetello is a town that stands on a peninsula.  To the west is Monte Argentario which rises to 1,200 metres and which used to be an is
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