Travel application for visiting EU planned

27 April 2018
There are plans to introduce an EUR7 fee for those entering the Schengen zone which will apply to all visa-exempt countries outside the
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Half of furniture recalls from outdoor products

14 August 2017
During the last five years, 49% of furniture recalls in Europe have been for outdoor products. Suppliers need to stay informed on modificati
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Roaming charges abolished in EU

16 June 2017
As of 15 June 2017, roaming charges in the European Union no longer apply. From now on, citizens who travel within the EU will be able
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Roaming charges to be abolished within the EU

07 April 2017
As from 15 June 2017 all roaming charges, including data roaming, will be abolished across the EU.  This will mean that one will p
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Baarle-Nassau and Baarle-Hertog - Holland and Belgium

08 September 2016
The border between Belgium and Holland at Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau is probably the second most complicated border in the world - for
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More Britons could buy motorhomes

03 August 2016
Following the referendum to leave the European Union and the consequent fall in the value of the pound and pension values due to the stock m
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On the Iron Curtain Trail along the Austrian - Slovakian border!

09 July 2016
Being interested in the former Iron Curtain border as well as nature and cycling, the crossing point between Hohenau an der March and M
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The Italian - Slovene border at the Predel Pass

24 April 2016
The Predil Pass or Predel Pass (Italian: Passo di Predil; Slovene: Predel]) is a.1156 m high mountai
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UK citizens need to prepare for EU referendum vote

21 April 2016
British people who are not currently in the UK, or don't plan to be at the time of the EU referendum, and still have the right to vote
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EU drops plans to shelve data roaming

20 March 2015
In a move which will disappoint many European tourers, the European Union has shelved proposals to ban roaming charges and has instead sugge
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