Dogscamper - for dogs

01 November 2017
Dogscamper is built for dogs - or rather, for travel-loving dog owners. In January of this year, the first Dogscamper from Hagen were presen
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The dog liner!

31 October 2016
This motorhome is designed for dogs but humans still have to drive it - given that more than half of all motorhomes are driven by coupl
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Hymer offering dog equipment for vans

06 October 2016
At Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2016, Hymer launched a wide range of dog-friendly camping products.  The innovations were devised for
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Nine Pekingese in a motorhome

28 June 2016
Over the past four decades they’ve owned somewhere close to 100 Pekingese dogs. Last weekend Micheline and Don Pigeon
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Fire kills man in Oregon

18 November 2015
Firefighters called to the scene of a burning motorhome near Dallas, Oregon, found a 36-year-old man and his dog dead on 13 November 2015.
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Turn your dog into a werewolf

29 August 2015
This is not strictly motorhome related but since many of you have dogs, this could be just right for you.  If you dog is more likely to
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Dog training at Croatian campsite

01 June 2015
As part of the Camping Cum Cane (CCC) programme, the staff at the Slatina campsite in Croatia are offering free dog training sessions for vi
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