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Discovering eastern Canada

14 August 2017
The midsummer heat of Toronto hit us hard even though it was shortly after midnight as we clambered out of our taxis downtown. But the lo
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Twelve countries, 25,000 miles… a family’s year-long motorhome odyssey

15 June 2016
David Hurst and his young family have spent the past year travelling through 12 countries – covering 25,000 miles – in their Swift Escape 69
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Transforming rusty van into new home!

22 April 2016
Fed up of ‘wasting up to £800 a month on rent’, this former soldier decided to start on his dream home by spending £750 on a 16-year-old rus
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Sometimes it does not rain in Ireland

17 March 2016
Tourist boards want us to believe the places they promote are blessed with unending sunshine. When did you last see an umbrella in a travel
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Daisy the camper in the Dordogne

09 March 2016
If driving around the Dordogne region of France in a classic VW T2 camper van is the sort of thing that might appeal to you and you are not
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Saving money on rent by living in a van!

05 March 2016
The Daily Mail has located Alex Hill, 24, from Gloucestershire, who is living in his van as a cheap alternative to high London rental prices
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Couple split during two year motorhome journey

02 December 2015
This weeks really important news is that former Olympic swimmer Lisa Curry and Joel Walkenhorst have split up after taking a two year m
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Looking for love in a camper van

08 June 2015
This is Nicci Taylor.  Nicci used to be an air hostess but now is in the process of selling everything she has in order to fund her lif
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To the ridiculous

27 May 2015
As the motorhome industry in the US appears to be going through a bit of a renaissance, the Daily Mail has found a collection of photographs
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Couple find that motorhome touring leads to arguments

04 March 2015
Swimmer Lisa Curry, 52, is touring Australia with her boyfriend Joel Walkenhorst, 32 and the pair seem to be having some problems with their
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