Carthago Chic C Line i 4 7

18 March 2017
The video review shows the Chic C Line i4.7 luxury motorhome filmed at the Carthago HQ in Aulendorf, Germany.  This model has a double
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Malibu Charming

27 February 2017
My first van was a Malibu so I have a soft spot for these vehicles although the Malibu Charming is 25 years younger than my van having come
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Caravan Salon
Carthago Chic C Line T

Carthago Chic C Line T

23 August 2016
The Carthago chic c-line T is between 734cm and 740cm long, based on the Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame and offers thr
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Carthago Chic C Line 2017

Carthago's chic C line gets revamped

17 August 2016
Carthago is about to give its chic c-line a new outer front look as well as introducing inside a double floor heated storage compartmen
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Carthago C Tourer T

Carthago's entry model, the C Tourer t

17 August 2016
The Carthago c-tourer T is the entry model for the Carthago range with prices from around EUR65k and is based on the Fiat Ducato w
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Carthago Highliner

Highliner - Carthago's flagship

12 August 2016
The Highliner is the flagship of the Carthago range with two models based on the Iveco Daily with a length of 8.59 m and 8.85 m.and GVW
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Carthago C Tourer

Carthago has a new C Tourer for 2017

10 August 2016
Carthago has increased its C Tourer range for 2017 and its equipment with the most noticeable change being the extension of the double floor
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Carthago Chic S Plus

Carthago chic S plus

06 August 2016
The Carthago e-line s plus is based on the Iveco Daily with rear axle drive and has a GVW of up to 6.7 tonnes including a payload of nearly
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Carthago Chic E Line

Carthago Chic E Line updated

05 August 2016
The Carthago Chic E Line has been updated as with all Carthago models.   The chic e-line is based on the Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low-
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