Caravan Salon

Safety innovations in Morelo

19 July 2017
Morelo noted an increase in the number of sold units by 43% in 2016 and about 35 % more sales turnover in the current model year which gives
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Dream Trips at Caravan Salon

19 July 2017
The fascination of caravanning: Germany’s Allgäu region, the Baltic and St Petersburg, Lake Baikal and Mongolia, the Heart of France, the Pa
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Starter World to be held at Caravan Salon

04 July 2017
At Caravan Salon this year which is to be held from 26 August to 3 September 2017,an event is to be held for newcomers to camping called "St
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Beijing caravan event this month

07 June 2017
China’s enthusiasm for the open road appears to be on the rise - which is just as well for the sixth All in Caravaning trade fair which
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Europe's biggest camper fair in August

09 May 2017
At this year’s Caravan Salon to be held in Dusseldorf from Saturday, 26 August to Sunday, 3 September 2017, the international caravanning se
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An unbuilt motorhome

18 February 2017
This video shows the shell of a motorhome, just the outside walls - the inside is remaining to be completed.  If you had something like
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The dog liner!

31 October 2016
This motorhome is designed for dogs but humans still have to drive it - given that more than half of all motorhomes are driven by coupl
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Starliner by Maurer Desert Falcon

20 October 2016
The Starliner by Mauer are a range of individually crafted motorhomes manufactured in Switzerland to client specifications.  In this fi
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Morelo Empire Liner

Morelo Empire Liner to become available in UK

07 October 2016
German luxury manufacturer Morelo is hoping to launch sales in the UK of its Empire Liner models with a price tag starting at £350k for
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Hymer offering dog equipment for vans

06 October 2016
At Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2016, Hymer launched a wide range of dog-friendly camping products.  The innovations were devised for
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