Caravan Salon

Caravan Salon, Dusseldorf

Caravan Salon behind closed doors

27 August 2017
Caravan Salon is held from the last Saturday in August over a period of nine days and is the biggest motorhome trade fair in the world. &nbs
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California XXL to be released in Dusseldorf

21 August 2017
Volkswagen will release the California XXL model this week in Düsseldorf which is based on the Crafter and boasts a massive sky li
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Photo : Messe Dusseldorf

Caravan Salon this week

20 August 2017
This week is Caravan Salon week - the largest motorhome trade fair in the world held over nine days at the end of August and beginning of Se
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Land Rover Defender car kit at Caravan Salon

15 August 2017
At the Caravan Salon 2016, QUQUQ presented a camping box for the Mercedes G. Now the QUQUQ "D-Box" has become available  for another of
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Caravan Salon to be the largest ever!

04 August 2017
Messe Dusseldorf, the organisers of Caravan Salon are claiming new record figures but as they are now using an extra hall that would seem to
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Wellhouse Ford Terrier

Wellhouse Ford Terrier to be shown in Dusseldorf

31 July 2017
British campervan, the Wellhouse Ford Terrier by Lunar, will be available across Europe following its official debut outside the UK on the L
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Caravan Centre Dusseldorf

Europe's largest caravan site opens for ten days

21 July 2017
The Caravan Center will be opening for the duration of Caravan Salon which will take place from 26 August to 3 September 2017.  During
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Safety innovations in Morelo

19 July 2017
Morelo noted an increase in the number of sold units by 43% in 2016 and about 35 % more sales turnover in the current model year which gives
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Dream Trips at Caravan Salon

19 July 2017
The fascination of caravanning: Germany’s Allgäu region, the Baltic and St Petersburg, Lake Baikal and Mongolia, the Heart of France, the Pa
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Starter World to be held at Caravan Salon

04 July 2017
At Caravan Salon this year which is to be held from 26 August to 3 September 2017,an event is to be held for newcomers to camping called "St
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