Caravan Salon

Leaving Caravan Salon Dusseldorf

15 May 2018
It is always sad to leave Caravan Salon Dusseldorf and this shows the campsite after almost everyone has left.  I had a meeting on the
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Dethleffs T6611

24 December 2017
The Dethleffs T6611 is a seven metre long van with a 550kg payload although it can be put on a 3,850 basis which would give it even more.&nb
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How Action Mobil got started

15 December 2017
Stephan Wirths is the MD of Action Mobil, a manufacturer of extreme off road vehicles. I met him at Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf in August an
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How expedition vehicle manufacturer Action Mobil got started

17 November 2017
Stephan Wirths is the MD of Action Mobil, a manufacturer of extreme off road vehicles.  He explains how it all started and where the co
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Last day at the world's largest RV event

16 November 2017
This is the last day at Caravan Salon which is the largest motorhome trade fair in the world.  Leaving my van in the early morning, I h
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The most expensive at Caravan Salon?

07 November 2017
I did not get to find out what was the most expensive motorhome at Caravan Salon 2017 in Dusseldorf although I expect it could have been Vol
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The largest campsite in the world

01 October 2017
During Caravan Salon which is held on the last week of August and the first few days of September, the Caravan Centre at the Dusseldorf fair
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Fiat at Caravan Salon

24 September 2017
As always Fiat offered a variety of interesting vehicles at Caravan Salon - what else would one expect from the company that makes almost 70
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Wave of innovations at Caravan Salon

17 September 2017
I have never seen so many innovations at a trade fair as I saw at Caravan Salon 2017.  The top highlights in my opinion were the Dethle
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Variomobil - one of the most expensive vans in Europe

17 September 2017
At Caravan Salon 2017, a group of us reporters talked about what the most expensive vehicle at the event was.  We could not come to an
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