Why men need to screen for prostate cancer

02 February 2018
In January 2018 figures were released by Prostate Cancer UK which showed that prostate cancer is now the third largest killer cancer in the
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Lady who refused chemotherapy in order to go on road trip dies

05 October 2016
You may remember the story of 91 year-old Norma Bauerschmidt who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in July 2015 and instead of treatme
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Coffee no longer considered to be carcinogenic

23 June 2016
The World Health Organisation has changed its opinion that coffee may be a carcinogen following a study by a group of 23 scientists con
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Dying man talks of living life to the full from his motorhome

18 May 2016
Death is one of the only certain things in life yet people find it one of the hardest things to talk about. But not Peter Breslin. The 74-ye
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Lady, 90, refuses chemotherapy to hit the road

02 March 2016
Norma is 90 years old.  She has uterus cancer and in August she was told that she needs chemotherapy.  She refused.  Instead,
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Olive oil could be a treatment for cancer

08 June 2015
Studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey and Hunter College in New York have suggested that oleocanthal, a compound in extra-virgin olive
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Obesity, cancer and healthy lifestyle

02 April 2015
Figures released by Cancer Research UK show that there is a very strong link between obesity and higher risks of breast, colon, uterine, kid
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An aid to better sleep

27 March 2015
When I started to live in a motorhome I noticed how much better I slept. Maybe this was due to a plant nearby where I was parked for a long
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Locks no longer contain carcinogenic material

21 October 2014
In order to avoid hexavalent chromium, which has been critically evaluated, various lock manufacturers including the German Lehmann are now
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