Motorhome at Austerlitz battlefield

Overnight at the location of the Battle of Austerlitz

14 November 2017
Having completed my research around the site of the Battle of Austerlitz, I retire for the night near the northernmost position of the Frenc
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Carnival time in the Czech Republic

04 November 2016
Traditional processions as well as grand balls with the hallmark of luxury are ways to welcome Lent : a traditional carnival way or dress up
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Brno, Czech Republic

19 August 2016
Known mostly for its minimalist architecture, the Czech Republic’s second city is finally starting to earn praise for its food and drink, wi
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The Garden of Europe at Lednice-Valtice

20 April 2015
There are not many places in the world which have received such care as the elegant area around the spectacular Lednice and Valtice chateaux
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Czech Mysteries!

29 March 2015
Mysterious treasures, paranormal phenomena in the gloomy woods or a direct entrance to hell. All of this can be found in the Czech Republic,
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