Bike holder attaches to garage ceiling

26 January 2018
Bob's Garage from Grafrath near Munich showed a bike holder at the CMT trade fair in January 2018.  The COMORT system allows the bike t
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Bradley Wiggins selling his motorhome

14 August 2017
Cycling Weekly has reported that the motorhome owned by UK champion Bradley Wiggins has gone up for sale at GBP50,000 - half what Wiggi
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Which bike is for you?

17 June 2017
Most of us buy a bike without considering too much what we are going to do with it.  However it may be worth considering a bit more abo
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VW T3 conversion for pro biker!

27 May 2017
Czech pro mountain biker Rob Heran has built the ultimate Volkswagen T3 vanfor off-road adventures. Starting with a military
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Cycling in Emilia Romagna

04 November 2016
When I was in Bertinoro in Emilia Romagna in February 2016, I was amazed at the amount of cyclists and in particular their age.  These
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Bike essential to touring holiday

28 May 2016
Caravan and motorhome owners really think a bike is necessary on their touring holidays, according to a recent bike poll by insurance s
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An electric bike lift may save your back!

09 February 2016
Electric bikes may things much easier for the cyclist whilst on the road, however when it comes to lifting them onto a bike rack things beco
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Thefts from motorhomes in Calais aire

28 March 2015
Travellers going to or from the UK frequently use the aire in Calais.  There have now been reports of thefts, most notably bikes which
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Load carrier can take 150kgs of equipment

02 September 2014
A load carrier which attaches on the back of a motorhome could come in very handy for those who do not have a large garage in their vehicle.
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Transport plaftorm for bikes introduced

02 September 2014
Sawiko has developed a load carrier for box vans called The Futuro Basic. It has a fixed, non-lowerable transport platform and robust constr
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