Smart beds become available for vans

18 April 2018
An in-depth study on the range of variable-height beds has allowed Project 2000 to develop a series of kits for aftermarket bed installation
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motorhome heating panels from Heat Decor

Bed insulation

18 August 2017
Attempting to avoid the black mould problem that happened in the past, under the bed board there is polystyrene insulating foam, a light boa
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An electric height adjusted bed in the van

08 May 2017
Project 2000, owned by Lippert Components has invented an electronic device for changing bed heights in manually operated beds.  The de
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Using the double bed above the cabin

22 March 2017
Having fallen out of the single bed, I moved from that to the double bed above the cabin. I find that it is not only much more comfortable b
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Project 2000 bed - bench for dinette

Convertible slatted bed - bench developed

09 September 2016
This is a folding bench that can turn into a double bed with slatted base which has been jointly developed by motorhome manufacturer Tr
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Lightweight beds introduced

09 September 2016
At the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon 2016, Project 2000 presented a 3-IN-1 bed system called Evolution that is lighter than comparable beds.
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Turning a car into a camper

29 September 2014
The Ququq system from Germany is designed to turn any vehicle into a camper offering a system that quickly converts into a bed with a foam m
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