Another record year for Germany

26 March 2019
According to the German statistics office, the country welcomed around 34.5 million overnight stays on campsites in 2018 making that year th
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Gunzburg market square

Greetings from Gunzburg

01 February 2019
I am currently writing from near Gunzburg in Germany.  The winter is not the best time to come here, I should have been here last June
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Greetings from Schlüsselfeld

04 October 2018
This week finds me in Schlüsselfeld in northern Bavaria, the location of the Morelo factory, one of the leading producers of luxury motorhom
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In northern Bavaria!

18 February 2018
This week Motorhome Full Time is being written on the road from Burgwindheim, a charming village of around 1,400 people in nothern Bava
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At Aschbach in Bavaria!

08 February 2018
This week Motorhome Full Time is coming to you from Aschbach in northern Bavaria.  It is a charming village which for administrati
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Burgwindheim, Germany

07 February 2018
Burgwindheim is a charming village of around 1,400 people that today continues to show that it was once a wealthy medieval community we
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At Rotmaintal service area

07 February 2018
Heading east on the German A70, I stop at Rotmaintal service area in the Franconian Switzerland region to the north of Bayreuth.
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Scheßlitz, Germany

07 February 2018
Scheßlitz lies in the 'Franconian Switzerland' area of Bavaria, an upland region between Bamberg and Bayreuth.  For motorhome traveller
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Staying in Schlüsselfeld, Bavaria

02 February 2018
This week finds me in Schlüsselfeld in Bavaria, Germany - a town of only 7,000 people but home to three major luxury motorhome manufact
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Bavarian motorhome week planned for 2018

23 June 2017
From 31st May to 7th June 2018, Kerstin and Albert Knaus will organise a Bavarian motorhome week.  The meeting is a private and not-for
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