Teleco introduce their lithium batteries

11 September 2019
The growing presence of increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment, and the desire of many camper users to enjoy the same comforts on h
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Mercedes to start battery electric vehicle

15 July 2018
At the 2017 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Mercedes presented a milestone on the road to emission-free driving in the shape of
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Hymer introduces energy package

04 February 2018
Hymer has come up with a unique solution for supplying leisure vehicles with power. The system stores energy in both lithium and lead batter
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lithium iron phosphate battery pack for Fiat Ducato

Lithium iron phosphate batteries

25 September 2017
The benefits of powering an RV with lithium iron phosphate batteries includes less weight, faster charging, longer charge holding and safety
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The future is electric says bank

23 November 2016
The future is electric, at least in the opinion of Credit Suisse Investment Banking Research which notes that the declining costs of batteri
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Battery charger which counters sulphation introduced

17 September 2016
CBE has produced a switch-mode battery charger, the CB516/3, which has been developed to charge 12V batteries and represents the natura
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Choosing when to retire your vehicle battery

24 February 2016
You may be about to take your motorhome out on its first run after the winter break but on getting inside often the first thought turns to t
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eStore battery claims to be 60% lighter

31 August 2014
Using lithium ion technology, Dometic claims that its eStore battery gives five times more charging cycles than conventional batteries and i
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