Fiat gives camper vans more grip with Ducato 4x4

11 November 2017
Three out of every four camper vans sold in Europe stands on Fiat Ducato underpinnings, making the Ducato the camper king of European roadwa
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Tecnoform furniture in Fiat Ducato 4x4

10 September 2017
You may not have heard of Tecnoform as a company but you have certainly seen their work as they supply furniture to many of the leading moto
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Fiat Ducato to come in 4x4

24 July 2017
Fiat has brought out a 4x4 version of its Ducato., a four-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle which immensely extends the potential for mo
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4x4 Toyota Landcruiser from Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik

26 March 2017
Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik is a German manufacturer of long distance off road vehicles designed for difficult terrain largely based on the Toyota
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Sprinter Oberaigner 4x4 ready for adventure

09 March 2017
Adventure holiday enthusiast Mark Blunden says he is planning more extreme expeditions, having taken delivery of a bespoke Mercedes-Benz Spr
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Is it better to see Australia in 4x4 or motorhome?

12 November 2016
People have cycled, walked and hitchiked around Australia but for most of us reality is four-wheeled transport. But which wheels? There’s so
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Bimobil EX 366

Bimobil EX366

09 February 2016
The EX366 is an all-wheel drive compact motorhome for two people. The basic model has a payload of 450 kg while remaining und
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Bimobil EX358

09 February 2016
The Iveco 4x4 chassis with a powerful Iveco engine, high ground clearance,short wheelbase, mechanical differential locks and high
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Burow Reisemobile Ford Ranger Oman

22 January 2016
I could not see the point of what is more or less a small caravan on the top of a pick up - but that was before I saw this Oman on the Ford
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