John S Thompson Bridge at Grave, Netherlands

23 April 2019
The bridge over the river Maas at Grave was originally built in 1929.  During the 1930s the Dutch government added casemates which were
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Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

14 April 2019
6 August 1791, the Brandenburg Gate was opened, one of the world’s best known symbols, a symbol of Germany, of partition of not just Berlin
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Ingolstadt, Germany

13 April 2019
Ingolstadt, the former Bavarian Dukes residence, university and fortress city is the center of one of the most beautiful adventure regions i
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The oldest private auto museum in the world!

25 March 2019
The Louwman Museum is home to the world’s oldest private collection of motor cars, compiled by two generations of the Louwman family.
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Rimini, Italy

20 March 2019
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