Wibrin, Belgium

The village of Wibrin is dominated by its church but the focal point is a Sherman tank that has been cut in two and has a twisted barrel.  The tank was knocked out in the area and found by scrap merchants who started to take it to pieces after the war.  Fortunately locals intervened and saved it for the village memorial but not before half had disappeared.  However, it does look as though the tank was specially prepared so that people could see inside it.

The history of Wibrin goes back to neolithic times, tombs and flint axes suggest that the hamlets of Petite-Mormont, Grande-Mormont or Wibrin were occupied very early in time.

Each year in July, Wibrin reconstructs the historical execution of local thieves and murderers Magonette and Géna. Magonette was born in Wibrin in 1790, Gena is native of the Aisne valley, Magonette was arrested for stealing scarves after failing to report for military service. He was taken to La Roche-en-Ardenne but escaped from the prison with Géna who had been accused of stealing a horse. In the forest, they formed a gang who preyed on the locals, killing and stealing from them.  Gena and Magonette were tracked by the police following the murder of Constable Poncin and captured near Aywaille in 1820. Shipped again to prison, they were tried and guillotined in Liège the following year.