Tulips from Amsterdam

The official start of tulip season in the Netherlands is heralded annually on National Tulip Day. The event is organised by Dutch tulip growers who build a special tulip picking garden on Dam Square in front of the Royal Palace. Anyone can come to pick free tulips here from the temporary garden packed with tens of thousands of tulips. The garden transforms Dam Square into a sea of colour and thousands of people line the square to pick free flowers every year.

Tulip season is the period from January until mid-May in which most tulip varieties are available from florists, supermarkets and flower stands. Tulip fields and displays can be seen in bloom primarily from March to May. It is estimated that 1.7 billion Dutch tulips bring spring into homes across the world. Thousands of tulip variants in every colour of the rainbow find their way from auctions in Holland to vases around the world. As a result, tulips have truly become synonymous with Holland.