Ten things to do in Varese, Italy

Parks and villas woven in to the urban fabric. The neon lights of artist Dan Flavin. The Sacro Monte, a UNESCO Site where art and faith intertwine immersed in nature. Gardens to uncover, hills to roam, lakes to explore, and wildlife to witness.


1 Palazzo Estense

A journey through the marvels of the 18th century. Giacomo Leopardi’s “Little Versailles”.

Via Sacco 5, +39 0332 255111


2 Sacro Monte

Take it slow along Via Sacra: 2 km and 14 chapels all the way up to the Sanctuary of Sacro Monte, a UNESCO Site.




3 Villa Mirabello Museum

Archaeology of the territory: from the Bronze Age of Golasecca to the Italian Unification and the centennial park.

Piazza Motta 4, +39 0332 255485


4 Isolino Virginia

UNESCO Site and the oldest alpine pile-dwelling site reached by boat from Biandronno. Also great for birdwatching.



5 Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza

From Turrell to Flavin, the extraordinary Panza collection in a “villa di delizia”, now under the Fondo Ambiente Italiano.

Piazza Litta 1, Biumo Superiore


6 Basilica San Vittore Martire

A true masterpiece inside and out, boasting works from 17th century Lombard masters like Cerano and Cairo.

Piazza San Vittore, +39 0332 236019


7 Villa and Park Toeplitz with the Castiglioni Museum

Africa like you’ve never seen it with the Castiglioni Brothers in one of the most beautiful parks of Italy.

Via G.B. Vico 46. Località Sant’Ambrogio


8 Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art

In the Castle of Masnago, Renaissance frescoes and collections of art.

Via Cola di Rienzo 52, Località Masnago, +39 0332 220256


9 Ludovico Pogliaghi House Museum

The precious wunderkammer of a late 18th century artist and collector.

Via Beata Giuliana 5, Sacro Monte


10 Church of Santo Stefano

Small Romanesque masterpiece with a single nave. The oldest monument in the city.

Via Portorose, Località Bizzozero




How to Arrive

By Plane: Milan Malpensa 40km, Linate 76km, Orio al Serio 100km.

By Train: With “Io Viaggio Ovunque in Lombardia” www.trenord.it/EN/

By Car: Highway A8


Getting Around

Bus: with CTPI ctpi.it

Bike Sharing: with Bicincittà bicincitta.tobike.it



I.A.T. Varese

Piazza Monte Grappa

+39 0332 281913



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