Stora Sjöfallet, Sweden

Located in the UNESCO World Heritage site at Laponia in Swedish Lapland, close to an impressive waterfall (itself called Stora Sjöfallet), which is the largest undammed waterfall in Northern Europe, the parkwas one of the first National Parks to be created in the world.

In this area the Sami culture is strong and alive and visitors can learn about this unique lifestyle and history. The forests and the land are pure and there are fascinating stories to be told at every corner. Activities include fishing, hiking, nature discovery, skiing using traditional wooden skis and snow shoe walking. Or how about a hot bath taken outside in the nature for aurora viewing or learning a craft like sculpting an ice lantern. Meet a reindeer herder in his traditional lavvu tent, and take coffee, tea or chaga (an ancient traditional health drink/tea made from birch) brewed over an open fire.

The restaurant serves locally produced food including arctic char, reindeer and moose, the perfect way to end your day tasting the flavours from this World Heritage area. Accommodation is flexible, with a lodge offering comfortable rooms (recently refurbished), as well as self catering cabins, a hostel or camping.