The Source of the Timavo River

The Timavo River is a very short river - its source is only three kilometres from the sea - but that is what you see above ground.  Below ground it flows for around ninety kilometres with its source on the Slovenian - Croatian border.  As it leaves the ground at San Giovanni, it is a fast flowing powerful body of water that seemed to indicate the presence of the gods and shrines to Diomedes, Hercules, Saturn and others were place here.  One god, Timavus, seems to have been named after the river - or perhaps was the god of this river.   In the fourth century CE the first Christian chapel on the site was built nearby and a church is still located on this spot but it seems as though no-one any longer drops by for a quick prayer to Saturn or Timavus.  Ancient writers sich as Virgil, Livy and Strabo also described it.

The river receives around one third of its water through subterranean flow from the Reka River in Slovenia with the remainder coming from other sinking rivers, Vipava, Soča, and Raša as well as from the infiltration of precipitation into the Karst Plateau.

Nearby, along the side of the road leading to Trieste, we can see the statue of theTuscan wolves, built in the Fascist era to honour Virgil who mentioned the source of the Timavo three times!

There is a large car park nearby but one can get much closer into the parking that affords itself just above the source where the lucky camper may be able to spend the night and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the location!